Check out iGrip’s headrest car mounting kit

Check out iGrip’s headrest car mounting kit
When we talk about BlackBerry car mounts, we’re usually looking at items that attach to a vent or, via suction cup, to the windshield or dashboard. We’ve even seen such a car mount for the PlayBook. Yet the PlayBook seems like a bulky item to use on the dash or in the window. It might be a mere 7-inch device, but that still takes up plenty of real estate. No, the PlayBook is probably best served for backseat users. For mounting solutions there, iGrip has come up with a neat solution.
As you can see in the image to your right, the iGrip mount uses the headrest to create an easy mounting station. The clamp attaches to the pillar, and the PlayBook snaps right into a holster. It’s a neat concept that can go a long way with families, especially those with cars that don’t have built-in TVs.
That is, it’s a great way to keep kids entertained while on the road. Mounting the PlayBook means that all backseat passengers can see. They can not only watch videos, but also play games and browse through pictures. And that’s all without having to fight over who gets the device — though there might be fights over who gets to sit in front of the device.
It might have limited uses, but in those limited situations it comes in quite handy. You can get the iGrip tablet car kit through an Amazon vendor for just under $50.
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Check out iGrip’s headrest car mounting kit

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